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Mayor, Governor, thank you. The first time I came down here — with a guy named Russell Long, who I served with — I was 29 — please, sit down, everybody. I was 29 years old when I got elected, and I went to see Russell Long.

Remarks by president biden on the american jobs plan

Sit down. And I just won, barely, by less than — less than a half a percentage point. Now you can have a deficit party.

God, I miss — he was amazing. An amazing guy. And both of you are amazing. And I used to spend some time with Randy; he got hit a little bit, but not like you did — not like you have. And, Gov, you know, we have to build back. We have to build back better. Just getting us back and getting people — a lot of that had to do with getting people vaccinated, getting million doses of the — of the vaccine, and getting people in a position where it was available.

And the folks who are going to rebuild it are those folks right over there: unions. I just see ro. You know, I know the times have been tough here. The damage of the hurricanes has been devastating.

I believe you need the help. But the people of Louisiana always have picked themselves up, just like — just like America always picks itself up.

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And build back in a way that all we build is better able to withstand storms and — that are becoming more severe and more frequent than ever. I think we have to — you might have noticed I promised I would have a — I would have a climate forum for the world in Washington within days.

Well, 40 he of state showed up, from the largest countries in the world to some of the smallest. And if we go 1. You know, when the bridge was built init was built to — there was nothing there — it was built to make sure that we, in fact, are able to — it was going to last for 50 years; that was 20 years ago. It was built for 50 years. The I bridge was built to handle a daily traffic load of 37, crossings. Well — but, today, every day, more than 80, — more than 80, cars and trucks cross over that bridge.

You know, six lanes of the interstate narrow into four lanes of a bridge. It makes no sense. But the truth is, across the country, we have failed — we have failed to properly invest in infrastructure for a half a century.

Nothing has happened. And across America, there are more than — hear me now — 45, bridges that are structurally deficient. Structurally deficient. Every day, Americans cross these bridges million times.

And they are structurally deficient. Remember a few years ago?

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Two counties over in Mississippi had to shut down more than 60 bridges that were in poor condition. Sixty bridges. People in those communities were rerouted from 40 to 50 mile of detours with half-hour to hour delays. One of the areas, when I was doing this with our last major plan that — when Barack was President — was in Pennsylvania. There was a large shopping center, a school, and the rest, and it was just across a crick, as we say up in that — that way.

And — and the bridge across it was deficient.

But there was a fire station just within eyesight — from here to — to the others- — the parking lot. But guess what? When there was a burn, when there was a fire, it took them — they had to go up nine miles to find a bridge, come back, and by that time, a hell of a lot of damage was done. Keeping firefighters, paramedics from getting people help they need. Cutting off hurricane evacuation routes. In addition, more than one in five miles of our highways in the United States of America — major ro in America — are in poor condition.

One in five miles. That is a drain on our economy. We rank eighth in the world in terms of our infrastructure. We used to be the leader in the world.

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And folks in Louisiana know, there are much greater threats than just congestion. This is about creating jobs and also saving lives. So, when I think about the threats of hurricanes and global warming and — and the — and then the poor condition of our economy as it relates particularly to infrastructure, I think of one thing: I think of jobs. They know how bad of shape things are in.

Wages you can raise a family on. And so, you know, your — this state is working to rebuild the I bridge.

But we can put America to work in every state, fixing ro and bridges that are in desperate need of repair. Now, I know a lot of you watching at home are thinking that — well, you know, if these jobs are for you. Well, let me tell you something: If you feel left out and forgotten in a rapidly changing economy, let me speak directly to you.

Like the workers that are here today, and like all of the people you know and grew up with. The American Jobs Plan is a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America. A blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America, to supercharge our economy so we can move goods, get to work, become more competitive around the world.

The most common age among whites in u.s. is 58 – more than double that of racial and ethnic minorities

You know, it will shorten our commutes to give us back the lost time with our families, to make our commutes safer, save lives. All told, the American Jobs Plan is going to modernize 20, miles of highways and ro. Bridges that get kids to school, people to market. And, you know, when you build better ro or extend the train line over to the next town or install reliable, high-speed Internet, it sparks new life and investment in communities.

It gives people hope. Business picks up at the local convenience store, at the seafood market, at the hardware store where center — centers of people locus in — in their jobs and their economies. Better jobs start coming to town. They stay where they are.

Fact sheet: the american families plan

It has a rippling effect. And when it makes all — when we make all these investments, we are going to make sure of one thing: that we buy American.

I promise you. So what do you do? And, look, this is all about making a choice — a choice between giving tax breaks to the super wealthy and to corporations, and investing in working families, who are going to build the country. And you have over 10 million homes where their water source is fed by lead pipes that were laid years and years ago.

Look, these are the highest-value investments you can make as a nation, and they last the longest. And together, with the American Rescue Plan, the American Jobs Plan is going to help the economy create, as I said, estimated over 16 million good-paying jobs.

Just pay — for example, if we just were to make sure that we had the tax rate for the top rate in America for income tax — what it was in the Bush administration — it would go from 36 to Well, guess what?

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Today, President Biden announced the American Families Plan, an investment in our kids, our families, and our economic future.