So Lonely I Need A Girl Friend
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I feel Alone. Hi, i want to make friendship with cute and shy girl.


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You can cast your own vote in the poll below, but as you can see, the biggest complaint is feeling lonely. Does it help to know that other guys are feeling just as lonely as you are?

I am so lonely, i need a girl friend

Probably not. Are you really feeling lonely? Take a quiz and find out here. It is important to note that one reason we feel lonely when we are single is that something inside of us is motivating us to find a relationship.

Breaking the habit of being mr. lonely

So loneliness is not an indicator that you are a loser, it is simply a al that you need strong and healthy relationships in your life. According to John Cacioppoa neuroscientist and psychologist at the University of Chicago, feeling lonely can cause you to believe that your social skills are poor. Moreover, you can start to become anxious and shy in social settings. In short, whether or not people are really rejecting you or not, your loneliness can cause you to believe that they are. In other words, it may be the belief that you have poor social skills that is holding you back from confidently going out there and finding a woman.

And, when you feel like a failure, you act like a failureand that can scare or push away any potential romantic relationships. When you scare or push away women, you validate that your social skills are poor and your anxiety and shyness can increase, making this a never-ending circle of loneliness.

It really is about quality. So, remove the pressure to find a girlfriend no matter what.

I'm so lonely and tired of having no girlfriend. can someone please offer me some hope or advice?

It is not really necessary for happiness and connection in life. Yes, it would be nice, but your life can be happy and fulfilled without a girlfriend. When you stop beating yourself up, you can at least start to talk to yourself in a more positive way and build up yourself esteem rather than knocking it down.

When that happens, you will have an easier time going out and putting your social skills to work for you. This is true for anything. The more you tell yourself you are a loser, the more you will feel like a loser. Alternatively, the more you tell yourself that you are feeling alright, the more you will feel alright.

Because the way you talk to yourself affects the way you think about yourself and how you view yourself. If you tell yourself that you are lonely and that you are alone because you are not good enough, not smart enough, or whatever — then those stories that you are telling yourself and keeping you in a place of loneliness. They are holding you back from going after the life you want because you ultimately feel that they are true in your core.

Those stories that you have bought into are keeping you from getting the life or woman that you want. Want to start talking to yourself more positively? Check out this article on moving towards positive self-talk.

When you are feeling lonely, it can be easy to lock yourself away from the world. Isolating yourself is one of the worst things you can do because your comfort zone can shrink to your home or bedroom or wherever you hang out, and moving out of your comfort zone can get more and more difficult with each day that passes. It can be hard to get out and meet people.

The only way to do it, is to do it. Remove the beliefs that you are not good enough, not likable enough, not funny enough, not smart enough, or whatever, and get out and meet other people. You owe it to yourself to do so.

Go to workshops, conferences, or meetups that interest you. Put yourself out there for others to meet. You will be amazed at what can happen when you just try.

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He probably has girls talk like this to him all the time, and therefore has no self confidence because how he's treated by women.


B eing lonely is not just an emotion reserved for those who are single or alone.