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High-risk sexual behavior consists of activities and habits that put a person at increased risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs or unplanned pregnancy. Poland is currently experiencing a problem with increased STI rates, largely due to poor sexual education. Our exploratory study aims to evaluate the sexual behavior of students attending universities across Poland. The study covered students from 50 different faculties and universities across the country. Our study found that students who are influenced by religious belief tend to engage in sexual activity into their later years.

The groups most exposed to the consequences of risky sexual behavior are mostly homosexual men, bisexual women, art students, and military students. Alcohol consumption is a strong factor contributing to risky sexual behavior. Sexual education in Poland should be improved. Many studies conducted so far prove that sexual Casual sex partners Wroclaw is very important for proper, healthy human development.

It has been proven in different studies that due to the secretion of oxytocin during sexual intercourse, the activity and orgasms reduce stress, normalize sleeping patterns and help maintaining a youthful appearance.

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A study conducted in showed that personal happiness is connected with the frequency of orgasms and sexual activity [ 1 ]. It is worth mentioning that masturbation, which also helps to express sexuality, is associated with a decreased risk of depression and increased self-esteem [ 2 ]. According to another study, positive sexual experiences have good impact on self-confidence [ 3 ].

Moreover, the positive effect of sexuality on physical health has also been noticed in terms of reducing fatal coronary events as well as reducing the incidence of breast cancer in women [ 4 ].

Analysis of high-risk sexual behavior among polish university students

Frequent ejaculation may help preventing non-bacterial prostatitis [ 5 ]. In women sexual activity help with finding relief from migraine headaches [ 6 ]. However, people who are sexually active must be aware of certain factors that can affect their lives in a negative way, e. High-risk sexual behavior also called risky sexual behavior in the manuscript is commonly defined as sexual actions that could lead to STIs or unplanned pregnancies [ 7 ]. High risk sexual behaviors were defined differently in recent years, and the definition should include unprotected intercourse or having multiple sexual partners, also be broadened to include early age of sexual activity or having sexual intercourse under the influence of alcohol as well as unprotected oral contact [ 8 ].

The negative consequences of risky sexual behavior may be also associated with HIV-infection and different cancers such as prostate cancer [ 9 ]. Organs that are vulnerable to develop oncological issues due to unprotected sexual intercourse or passionate kissing with an exchange of saliva are the cervix, vulva, vagina, anus, mouth, head and neck [ 1011 ].

Studies indicate that both physical health and mental health decline due Casual sex partners Wroclaw risky sexual behavior.

Research has shown that early before age 16 sexual risk behavior in adolescence is associated with depression under some circumstances—research has shown that sex increases depression among young girls whose relationships are short lived after first sexual intercourse, especially if those relationships are characterized by a lack of emotional commitment [ 12 ]. Depression is a modifiable factor associated with high-risk sexual behaviors and STIs among youth.

While sexual risk behaviors and STI are risk factors for depression, depression may conversely also increase susceptibility to risk behaviors and infection [ 13 ]. Family conflicts as well as broken relationships are perfect examples of the influence of high-risk behaviors affecting mental health and general well-being [ 14 ]. According to World Health Organization WHOsexually transmitted diseases pose a serious threat worldwide, there are approximately million cases of curable sexually transmitted diseases each year, the most common among people between the ages of 20— People in the 15—19 age group are in second place in terms of the incidence of STIs.

One million STIs are contracted every day [ 15 ]. Due to the asymptomatic Casual sex partners Wroclaw of many STIs, Casual sex partners Wroclaw can spread in an uncontrolled manner before they are detected, especially among young adults open to new sexual experiences.

The occurrence of risky sexual behavior is still high and its consequences are borne not only by society as a whole but also by individuals. According to WHO World Health Organizationunwanted pregnancies affect about 21 million teenage girls aged 15—19 in developing countries [ 16 ]. It is found in the literature that properly conducted sexual education among young people can delay sexual intercourse among adolescents as well as increase the use of condoms and other forms of contraception [ 17 ].

Unfortunately, in Poland, contrary to the laws concerning universal access to sexual education The Declaration of Sexual Rights, published by WHO inknowledge in this field is restricted Casual sex partners Wroclaw religion and government [ 18 ]. Sex education classes are conducted in an unreliable manner, where the emphasis is put on pro-family education, and issues related to contraception, sexual Casual sex partners Wroclaw, sexual and gender identity are omitted [ 19 ]. It is crucial to rectify the sexual taboo aspect in Poland, as it has been proven that school-based sex education is effective at reducing the risk of unprotected intercourse as well as STIs in early adulthood [ 20 ].

The situations that were considered in this investigation as sexual risk behaviors are any kind of behavior that increases the probability of negative consequences associated with sexual contact, including AIDS or other STIs and unplanned pregnancy such as casual sex with random persons under the influence of alcohol, passionate kissing with a random person after alcohol consumption, casual sex without condom usage and coitus interruptus withdrawal sexual intercourse as the only practiced contraceptive method.

In the modern world, the wide availability of dating apps encourages risky sexual behavior such as casual relationships and subsequent low condom use [ 21 ]. It is important that sexual behavior involve responsibility and be consciously undertaken to minimize the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases.

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This study aimed to characterize risky sexual behavior among students of Polish universities, evaluate the prevalence of STIs, as well as to assess their attitude to contraception, stimulants, and the impact of religious beliefs on sexual life.

The purpose of our study was also to evaluate the factors influencing the engagement in risky sexual behavior. We also wanted to find an answer to the question, whether sexual education in Poland, according to young people who have already experienced sexual initiation, is at a sufficient level.

Our study raises awareness of the problem of risky sexual behaviors, that pose a real threat to public health, especially among young adults. The method of the study was originally deed as a questionnaire, in Polish language, based on 31 questions including 28 single-choice and three multiple-choice questions about demographic factors, use of stimulants, sexual initiation, STIs, sexual habits, risky sexual behaviors, sexual education, and religious beliefs Appendix A. The questionnaire was approved by two independent experts in the sexology field and was pre-tested on a group of 30 randomly selected students of the Medical University of Casual sex partners Wroclaw in Katowice.

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Regarding a wide and diverse target group as much as the comfort of staying anonymous, the survey was internet-based. Requests were sent directly to almost 61 thousand respondents from the 50 biggest universities in Poland and different fields of study with the usage of social media and Google Forms. Students could take part in the investigation from 12 March to 12 April The students were informed about the aim of the study and agreed to take Casual sex partners Wroclaw in the investigation.

The research was exploratory by its nature and was constructed to have a better understanding of the existing problem of high-risk sexual behaviour among students of Polish universities.

The study covered students, The inclusion criterion was sexual initiation, so ultimately Students were divided into groups by field of study medical, paramedical, artistic, natural science, economy, and administration, humanistic, technology and engineering, military. Quantitative variables were compared using the t-Student test if they fit the normal distribution. Mann—Whitney U test was used in the case of the non-normal distribution of quantitative variables.

Kruskal—Wallis test was Casual sex partners Wroclaw to compare the multiple groups. The Spearman rank correlation was used to verify the relationship of variables. Multiple regression method was performed to analyze the influence of studied factors on from the survey. Analysis of covariance was used if variables were correlated with themselves. Study group characterization is provided in Table 1.

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Characterization of the study group. All data contained in the table are presented as a percentage. This group consists of Characterization of the sexual initiation among all respondents. The details are presented in Table 3. Moreover, less respondents from this group had sexual initiation than others, and also the mean age of sexual initiation was 1 year later. Religious impact on sexual life. Risky sexual behavior characterization is provided in Table 4.

Risky sexual behavior among sexually active students. In that group, we found a higher predisposition to all risky sexual behavior compared to the rest of the population. Characterization of risky sexual behavior among different faculties. Casual sex depending on age of sexual initiation. Past STIs depending on casual sex without a condom. The university environment creates a great opportunity for high-risk behaviors, including unsafe sex and multiple encounters [ 22 ]. This study is the first investigation evaluating the sexuality and risky sexual behavior of such a large group of young adults in Poland.

Similar investigations were conducted on smaller groups, though sexuality is now a widely discussed topic on most media outlets, there are few, if any, reports concerning risky sexual behavior [ 232425 ]. Other investigations are usually dedicated to populations characterized with wider age brackets, so there is no strong data that could describe the sexuality and behavior of students in Poland. The research on unsafe sex of students is a frequently raised subject in the world, however, the majority of investigations were focused on rather smaller groups [ 262728 ].

The age of sexual initiation varies ificantly between countries due to ethical, religious, and legal conditions. Furthermore, such factors as menarche, peer pressure, Casual sex partners Wroclaw sexual education also determine the average age of first sexual intercourse among young adults.

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