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Arguably, the most difficult sort of relationship that our peers may be involved in are long—distance ones, henceforth referred to as LDR, for short. Relationships are complicated, even without the distance being a factor.

Finding time while juggling college is enough on its own, and miscommunications are inevitable in any relationship. There is value in having someone to love, trust, and comfort, no matter where they live. College life is stressful, and it is one more thing to juggle along with a relationship, but some people acknowledge that college has actually made things easier on their relationships in some regards.

According to Fisher, a change in perspective is crucial for an LDR. Creating this mindset within our relationship was very hard, but we both agree that if we want to have a successful relationship, we have to trust and support each other always.

They live an hour away on train now, since Fisher started school at Penn.

He just makes me feel comfortable and loved. We both have the same sweatshirt that we wear while we are away from each other.

The special things really revolve around small features of companionship. There is something so special about seeing each other come off the bus or the train. We both smile and look at each other and run at full speed.


Although communication is important, complications arise, and schedules conflict. Jenny confesses that finding time for each other is something that her and her ificant other struggle with. Fisher and Brett FaceTime and call regularly. Ben and his girlfriend have dinner—and—a—movie over FaceTime occasionally.

We also watch Netflix together, starting at the exact same time so we can be up to speed with what the other sees.


For some people, LDR is hard, but always worthwhile. But some disagree.

Fisher agrees. Because I am unable to be with Brett whenever, I love his touch, hugs, snuggles, et cetera, so much more. All of the little things, a moment, a laugh, the way their hair is parted or their particularly uneven breathing, just small inconsistencies that are so easy to dismiss and take for granted, are by far more appreciated.

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder. The best moment is in reunion. Still, for all of you beautiful souls looking for love or just a hook—up on dating apps, be open to the possibility of something more. Penn student Tomasz Tabernacki and his ificant other, Rachel, met two years ago on Tinder.

You have to learn to trust that both of you want the same thing. An LDR will never work without lots of communication and trust. Benjamin: "If you feel really strongly about someone, it is absolutely worth it.

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There will be ups and downs, but to know that you are with the person that makes you happy, smile, and feel butterflies is just the best feeling in the world. My only piece of advice is to persevere and have faith in your relationship. Jenny: "Your foundation for an LDR must be built upon trust and loyalty.

Also, shoot your shot. You never know what will happen unless you do it. Makenna: "Just be super loving in the time you spend with your dog because they'll never know why you're leaving them. Show them all the love in the world while you can, it's what they deserve and it's all that they give. Latest Issue.

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